Clinically Proven Stroke Rehabilitation

Motus users are making Recoveries from Stroke. Reach your recovery goals faster.

When conventional rehabilitation is too slow, Motus is the answer for stroke recovery: a home based program revolutionizing stroke rehabilitation whether you are ten days or ten years after brain injury.

How it works
Dr. Dan S

Atlanta, Georgia

“I couldn’t use anything on my left side…It’s all about repetition, the more you do the more you get out so I can get a lot more out of this by having it at home. As a doctor I can tell you I have tried everything and this has made a difference… The amount of function I have now compared to what I had right after is probably 80% different.”
Tim M

Palm Springs, Florida

“…I had very limited movement in my right arm and almost none in hand… Within just a few days I noticed results. I now can make a small fist, grab things… And I haven’t even had this machine for a month!…” read more

Real Stroke Survivors. Real Recoveries.

Our users Make Functional Gains. This is a step back in your life after stroke and brain injury.

Hemiparesis from stroke is not your life. This is technology to get you back to the real you. Prove them wrong–those that say you can’t get any better. Motus users say they’ve made more gains in weeks or months than they have in years of traditional rehab.

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Heather D

Grainer, South Carolina

I have feeling in my hands and fingers. I can start to notice individual fingers moving. I can eat a sandwich now with two hands!!! I have better shoulder extension… Now, I can move my shoulder up all the way and behind my head. All in the span of 9 days!!!! read more

Learn how to get more hours of rehab now. Follow the Science.

Our Team Is Here To Help

“As a doctor of physical therapy, I strive to empower patients by showing them what they are capable of and encouraging them to take charge of their recovery.”

“I have worked extensively with helping stroke survivors regain gross motor functions, like being able to open a refrigerator door and to be able to hold on to their walker.”

“I specialize in helping our users regain fine motor skills, like tying their shoes and helping improve how far and fast they can walk”

The Motus Hand

The Motus Foot


Motus in the Media.

“patients have easy access to additional hours of therapy that they couldn’t receive”

TIME Magazine

“Because the therapy is done at home…it keeps her from having to drive him to appointments”


“Stroke Patients Turn To Robots To Recover At Home During Pandemic”


“the at-home robotic arm is restoring her quality of life and sense of self”


“robots help patients safely do physical therapy during pandemic”


Motus in the Media

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Trusted by hundreds of clinicians and used by thousands of stroke survivors.


Neuro-Recovery through Rehabilitation Hours

Brain injuries can be debilitating. But no matter how long it’s been since your injury or your age, every brain can learn and rewire. Every brain can heal. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to relearning your movements other than to put in the hours. The injured brain needs practice, practice, and more practice to make those new connections.


More Rehab Hours, Faster Stroke Recovery.

Science says hours predict recovery.

Clinical studies (Lang, et al. 2015, Lohse, et al. 2014) showcase that higher doses of therapy can result in faster functional gains.

You need more hours.

Stroke and brain injury survivors are getting a fraction of the hours of rehabilitation from the healthcare system.


More Rehab Hours, Faster Stroke Recovery.

Did you make the fastest gains during your in-patient rehab?

Most stroke survivors believe the fastest gains are made during in-patient rehab because of the proximity to their injury date. But that is not the primary reason! You most likely received substantially more hours of therapy (usually 3-5 per day) during in-patient rehab than you do now. This high dosage of hours was the accelerant to your recovery.

How many hours of rehab are you getting now?

Most stroke survivors report receiving 2 hours of out-patient therapy a week, which is significantly less than the recommended amount.

What if you could receive the same hours of therapy as in-patient rehab?

Motus users have seen gains after 15 years post stroke by putting in more hours of rehab per week.

15 Hours

Inpatient Rehab Hours per Week

2 Hours 86.7%

Outpatient Rehab Hours per Week

15-30 Hours 100%

Motus Rehab Hours per Week

Learn how to get more hours of rehab now. Follow the Science.


Delivering more hours of clinical quality rehab at home.

The Motus Hand & Foot robots provide rehab that has been scientifically proven to be of equivalent quality to a skilled clinician.
More importantly there is no cap on the number of hours of therapy. You set the limit for how much therapy you receive. Boost your rehab hours by 10x!


Motus Hand and Foot Features

What if I have limited or no movement?

The pneumatic pump in our robots is designed to be used even by those who have no movement.

What if I have tone or spasticity?

Motus exoskeletons are uniquely designed to be a good fit for hands or feet with these impairments.

What if I find home exercises too boring?

Motus rehab routines are designed with games to keep you constantly engaged.

What if I have transportation issues?

The Motus Hand & Motus Foot are shipped directly to your home and designed to be used independently without need of any assistance.

What if I don’t have a screen?

You don’t need a screen! The Motus Hand & Foot are both shipped with a monitor that will guide you through your therapy.

What if I need a clinician?

The Motus Digital Therapist is built with AI designed to learn your impairments and gauge your progress from data being provided by built-in movement sensors. If you need additional assistance you can sign up for a telehealth session with one of our specialists.

What if I don’t know I’m getting better?

Your reports will give you real time updates on improvement in range of motion and strength. But more importantly you should feel the improvement in your own movement as well.

What if I want to try before subscribing?

The Motus Hand & Foot come with a 10 Day Risk-Free trial period. Call us to learn about trial options.

What if I am concerned about costs?

The more hours you put in the cheaper the hourly rate. Most users on average pay $10/hour of use. We encourage you to contact a specialist to discuss pricing options.

Take the next step to Boost your Recovery.


Engineering a $20,000 hospital rehab robot to be portable and affordable for the home.


Motus Nova Founded

On a mission to deliver neuro-rehab in every home through robotic exoskeletons guided by AI.


A Decade of Clinical Trials

Designed to speed up stroke recovery by increasing the number of repetitions in a rehab session, clinical studies proved Motus robots can deliver clinical level of care.

Clinical Studies


About 200 nationwide clinic deployments for Hand & Foot Mentor Pro

Motus introduced the first iteration of robots called The Motus Hand & Foot Mentor Pro. They were built specifically for hospitals and cost over $20,000.


Launched Research & Development to bring Motus into the Home

The hospital setting limited user access to 2 hours per week. For survivors to benefit from the robots, they needed to use them on a daily basis. The only way to make this possible was to bring Motus robots into the home.

We spent 2 years engineering the device with two goals in mind:

  • Independent use:
    • Program an AI trained to be a digital therapist
  • Costs Reduction:
    • Bring the monthly cost down to $399 per month


Why $399 per month? Matching the average price of out-patient rehabilitation.

The average out-of-pocket cost per hour of outpatient neuro rehab is $50 per session plus the cost of time and transportation.

With two outpatient visits per week, this is about $430 for 8.6 hours of rehab per month for the average stroke survivor

Some Motus users complete 30-50+ hours of rehab per month.

By bringing the cost of Motus robots down to $399/mo, we can reduce the cost of rehab from $100/hr to $10/hr.


Voted Most Innovative Tech Company of 2019 by the Technology Association of Georgia

The Technology Association of Georgia, one of the country’s largest technology associations with 30,000+ members, recognized Motus Nova for its innovative applications of gaming to healthcare, financial impact, and likelihood to succeed.

See Full Story


Launched Motus Hand and Motus Foot for the Home

By 2020 we began shipping out the first at home models for the Motus Hand & Motus Foot, increasing access to rehab and providing up to 10 times more rehab for the same price as your current outpatient therapy.


We make the technology. Our users make the recoveries.

“I can honestly say that the hand mentor has helped significantly in managing and reducing the tone in my wrist and hand. And not to mention increased range of motion and wrist function since starting with the device!”

Maddi Niebanck

Stroke Survivor Chatham, NJ

“On June 29th I had a stroke. I had very limited movement in my right arm and almost none in hand. About a month ago I went on the internet looking for ideas and came across this web site and with the 25 hour challenge I said what do I have to lose. Within just a few days…”

Tim Martin

Stroke Survivor Palm Springs, FL

“…His stroke left his right arm with having hardly any movement. Even manually moving it to bath caused pain. After the first days therapy there was less pain sometimes none. Therapist is very happy with his improvement…

Danny T

Caregiver Norfolk, NE

“My son was 2.5 years post stroke when he started using the hand mentor. Don’t give up. The science of neuro plasticity is real. Your brain can change and get better at any age, anytime.”

Faye Yost

Caregiver Mableton, GA

“My shoulder had movements but it took me more effort to lift my arm above my shoulder and i had some pain too, now it is easier to raise my arm and minimum pain, the hand mentor definitely helped.”

Hanh Phu

Stroke Survivor El Paso, TX

“Before, when I tried moving my hand down at the wrist, it froze solid. Could not do it but I’m starting to see improvements on that!!”

Brandon Rhodes

Stroke Survivor Dardanelle, AR

“Terrell Harris completed the #25hourchallenge (two weeks after we received the unit). The hand mentor has helped reduce spasticity in his arm and has helped him extend his wrist (passive).”


Caregiver Kansas City, MO

“I am grateful for the positive energy this community brings to the process of getting my groove back. It has been a big challenge for me to sit and pay attention for an entire session. I am psyched to be working with technology on rewiring my movement.”

Stacy Kovats

Stroke Survivor Seattle, WA

“My sister Sharon M….she’s able to move her hand with ease. Her left side has seen improvement in range of movements and reduced spasticity. #30daychallenge getting stronger everyday”

Angi Cavi

Caregiver Seattle, WA

“…My dad had no movement on his right side. He is now moving his right thumb and first fingers pretty good along with now trying to move his pinky finger a little… he really looks forward to his hand mentor sessions!”

Stacy Allen

Caregiver Savannah, GA

“My husband, Ed, received his Motus Nova hand mentor late yesterday afternoon. We were so excited! We set it up and he started the 30 day challenge!! He did a session last night and one this morning.”

Leta VanStory

Caregiver Raleigh, NC

“Finished the 11th day… I even put the device on my hand without needing Pete’s help to straighten my fingers. Marie observed the muscles in my forearm looked less atrophied and I could show her that it was easier to straighten my fingers.”

Suzanne G

Stroke Survivor Mountain Home, AR

“Leaning to make sure his wrist is going down far enough to pick up the card. The up and down motions are really making him stronger, especially since the settings were changed to get more range❤”

Zelda P

Caregiver Helena, AL


Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of the Motus Hand is $399/month and the cost of the Motus Foot is $699/month. Each subscription includes a 22 inch touchscreen monitor, technical and clinical support, software updates, personalized reports, and personalized therapy. If you do an hour of rehab/day, your cost is only $13/hour of therapy! The Motus Hand and Foot are tools to help you get more hours of clinic equivalent therapy at a lower cost than going to the clinic every day.

Call 470-800-9909 to speak to one of our clinical specialists, or sign up directly through our website at Then, your Motus Hand or Foot will arrive in the mail with instructions, and you can get started with therapy at home within 5 minutes. It’s really as easy as that. There are no hidden steps or costs.

Every stroke is different. The Motus Hand and Foot have helped a large range of stroke survivors from those with no movement to those with lots of movement, from those a few weeks after a stroke to those who are more than a decade post-stroke, and we have helped a wide range of ages from 5 to 97. For more information you may call us at 470-800-9909 to be evaluated by one of our clinical specialists, or fill out the assessment below and one of our team members will reach out to you within the next 24 hours!

Nope! As soon as you have reached your goals, you get to return it (i.e. no long-term commitment). Our goal is to get you back to doing your daily tasks without the Motus Hand or Motus Foot.

In your own home! Once you sign up and receive your Motus Hand or Foot, you’ll have 10 days to try it out to see if it works for you. If so, great! If not, just give us a call at (844) 668-8766 and fill out our refund request form to start your return and initiate a full refund for the subscription.

82% of our users have reported an improvement in function after a few months of use during the our clinical trials. The Motus Hand and Foot are Class 1 FDA approved and have a decades worth of clinical studies to prove their effectiveness. Clinical studies at the Emory and VA hospitals showed that when 50 stroke survivors used the Motus Hand and another 50 did therapy with a therapist, both groups had equivalent outcomes in recovery after 3 months.

There are 3 quick steps to get started. Once you receive the Motus Hand or Foot there will be instructions that teach you how to turn on the device. Then, a series of videos will teach you how to put on and use the Motus Hand or Foot. Finally, you press “Begin Therapy” and get started right away. The best part is that you don’t need someone to teach you because it is designed for stroke survivors, but if you have any questions or run into issues we will be available to help via phone or video call to sure everything is working and most importantly make sure you how to use the Motus Hand or Foot.

Our robotic devices are complex machines and expensive to produce. Hundreds of clinics and hospitals all over the US have purchased the Motus Hand and Motus Foot devices for $20,000. We offer a subscription service for home users starting at $399/month as part of Motus Nova’s mission to increase accessibility to rehabilitation.

We typically only ship within the US, but will make exceptions on a case by case basis. Send us an email to to learn more abuout this option.