The Motus Hand

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The Motus Hand is the only FDA Class 1 at-home stroke rehab robot in the world with active assistance. Scientific studies have shown The Motus Hand induces equivalent functional improvements to those observed with standard clinical care. Motus technology uses high-dose repetitive task practice to induce neuroplasticity to help stroke survivors improve walking speed and endurance. Moreover, the Motus Hand can help improve range of motion and strength of your arm and increase functional capacity.

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The Motus Hand comes with a 10 Day Money Back Guarantee period. You will receive a refund if you return the device within the first 10 days of receiving your shipment.

Every shipment comes with The Motus Hand, Touch Screen & Digital Therapist, and Power Cord.

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Spasticity and Tone: Improve Flexibility

Users of the Motus Hand report that they have reduced spasticity and tone. This is often associated with increased flexibility and more comfort while they perform additional rehab. Reducing the adverse effects of hyper-tonicity and spasticity can also help reduce the probability of developing contractures.

Strengthening: Improve Grip

The Motus Hand helps survivors of neurologic injury improve the strength of their upper extremities with a specific focus on hand and finger strengthening. This ultimately helps with improved functions such as grooming, toileting, and feeding.

Gross Motor: Improve Gross Motor Skills

As you begin your neurorehab journey, the Motus Hand helps you learn to grossly extend and flex your wrist and hand. These components are foundational elements to gain the ability to open and close your hand so you can get back to your activities of daily living.

Coordination: Improve Fine Motor Skills

The Motus Hand helps stroke survivors improve the coordination of their extrinsic finger flexors and extensors, the primary muscles contributing to fine motor skills. Moreover, through the integration of more complex therapeutic exercises in the virtual environment, the Motus Hand helps you improve dynamic, visually-guided movements, which are critical for real-world function.


Designed for use at home

Active Assistance

A Pneumatic Pump designed to assist even those with limited or no range of motion


Reinforcing brain signals when making correct movements


Making therapy more engaging with challenging and fun games

Artificial Intelligence

A digital therapist built on an algorithm designed to adapt to your rehab needs


Track changes to your strength and range of motion in real time

Personalized Customer Support

Our specialists are here to help


What You’ll Receive:

Touchscreen with Digital Therapist

Power Cord

Motus Hand